Novelitics Writers Collective
Novelitics Writers Collective

Welcome to Novelitics Writers Collective

Fueling your writing journey with connection, motivation, and growth.

About Novelitics

I am so glad you're here! Writing can be isolating -- hours at the desk or researching, wondering if our stories work or even where to go to ask for help. That's where Novelitics comes in! This is your writing community to talk about craft, join our weekly Writers Well on Zoom, attend workshops, work with a novel coach - and have a place to talk and share ideas.

Why You Should Join Us

Let's work in a community of peers to  build strong writing skills and habits, learn craft, share work, and deepen our creative knowledge so we can each bring our unique and compelling stories to the world.

From weekly Writers Well Zoom meetings to topic-based workshops and master classes, Novelitics helps you create your best story possible.

A Big Thanks

Thank you! Your support of this community will help us all become better writers. And more than that, we become generous - sharing our skills and time with each other and building an even more generous writing community in the world.